Our models


Once upon a time, behind the seven mountains,

Lived a girl Liwia, who likes to play with dolls.

Like any other woman, she adored herself,

But she never liked to wear pants.

Stylish “nude” make-up, always will be trendy,

but uncomfortable clothes contradict her freedom.

Being like a big sister, go to school bravely, run,

jump, practice, boys leads by their noses.

And what if just to ask her, what she enjoys in life?

She would have replied:

“Simply – chocolates!”

And if you try to capture happiness in small hands,

"It would be a chocolate flavour" – she will say in that tone.

And if you will give her thousands dolls and dresses,

I swear, it will not be an important thing for her.

Because the moral of the tale is that dresses, blouses or flowers,

Are not so important as tasty chocolates!


In every single moment, everything is counted.

Let me introduce to you Oskara.

Oskar is a great counter, so he often counts on himself.

However, he knows well whom he can count on in trouble.

Always willingly, without thinking, to his equation,

He will add his most precious treasure: Mother and her power of love!

To strengthen it all, the best is multiplication:

Caring time is Dad’s concern, alternately, crazy!

Sharing is also important, with crazy adventures,

From the moment he gets up from his bed, he shares with his friends.

Just to take away the boredom that he hates so much!

And the happiness will be flying in the air!

Because the mathematics are so strange,

That it makes Smyk’s parents be happier even more.

Love for power with expression of laughter.

Oscar knows that happiness is not countable!


From the early morning, till the late night

Zuzia completes all the tasks in a crazy speed.

She insanely loves her Mom and Dad

And as soon as she is getting kissed,

With Mom she runs to kindergarten in a quick speed!

In the kindergarten she plays with all kids,

But it is not it, as usual – joyful!

When the evening is coming and it’s time to go home,

She wants to jump from till the very top

Because Mom is at home will give her a kiss, a hug,

Kissing her sweetly makes Zuza to weep.

This is a secret of Zuza’s happiness,

Why she is always so sweet and joyful

Somebody woken up the joy inside of her,

That’s her Mom’s unconditional love!

While wearing Alba she looks like an innocent Aries,

Her joy fills the light in the room,

She beautifully sings, dances like covered in a joy,

She praises the existence of the Lord with all her joy!