About Us

crazy POCKET it is a brand of clothing, that was established with a goal to target creative, fun children that do not necessarily want to be a perfect Princess or polite, serious Prince.       
Its made for brave, confident children that are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, as well as for those that like to have their "treasures" with them all the time.

From experience we know that pockets often make fun more accessible. We only have  two hands  our answer for that is Pockets!!! no mater where; at home, in kindergarten, or on a walk ...
we can always hide "our treasure" .

For us, the parents, it is sometimes simply is a rock, but for our children it is the most important thing in the world: the amulet, without which there will be no fun at all ...

We know this and we appreciate their "findings", by cramming more treasures in our cavernous bags.

To achieve long lasting casual comfort, so that nothing interferes with our kids' fun, we use high quality materials that have a positive impact on the environment (Oeko-Tex Standard 100) from Polish factories .  Bamboo fabric, which is the basis for many of our projects, is extremely pleasant to the touch and flexible, so children can feel very conformable. Our clothes will reflect your kid personality! Decorated with colorful and cheerful graphics that capture the imagination:) because it is easier to have fun when everyone is happy.


Mom of your daughters :)